#9 Fishing Cat   State animal of the Indian province of West Bengal, the Fishing Cat demolishes the common misconception of water-fearing felines through its name alone. With an olive to ashen gray coat that’s sprinkled with different spots and stripes,.

#8 Serval   Native to the northern African nations of Morocco and Tunisia, the slender, spotted Serval resembles a miniature cheetah as it only stands around two feet tall and a maximum of about three feet in length. But the medium sized cat has some unique characteristics that separate the serval from its speedy big brother.

#7 Sand Cat   The pale yellow-furred, adorably small Sand Cat is the only known feline to mostly inhabit true deserts. While its scrawny stature doesn’t lend itself to an intimidating presence, the sand cat is an exceptional survivor.

#6 Caracal   Robust and lithe, the medium-sized Caracal is an adept hunter that makes its home in a wide variety of habitats from North Africa to India and an assortment of nations in between.

#5 Margay   As a smaller version of the ocelot, Margay are notable for their intricately spotted coats of fur. Weighing in at less than 9 pounds at maximum, this small wild cat spends its days in the safety of the canopy of rainforests across Central and South America.

#4 Clouded Leopard   From the foothills of the Himalayas through Southeast Asia all the way to the middle of mainland China, the uniquely-patterned clouded leopard can be found prowling deep within forests...that is, if you can spot them.

#3 Flat-Headed Cat   Scurrying along the tropic floors of South Asia’s rainforests is a ferret-esque creature that is surprisingly feline in origin. Called the flat-headed cat, this critter is notable for its unusual skull and narrowly extending snout.

#2 Jaguarundi   From the south of Texas all the way to Argentina, the wild cat known as the Jaguarundi slinks through the wetlands of the Americas. It resembles an amalgamation between a sea otter and a cougar with its short fur and lean figure, surviving on a wide variety of rodents, reptiles, birds and bugs during their solitary trek across home territories that stretch up to 38.6 miles..

#1 Rusty-Spotted Cat  The near-threatened Rusty-Spotted Cat is the world’s smallest undomesticated feline, with individuals measuring as small as 14 inches in length and 2 pounds in weight. Finding its home in the caves and canopy of Nepal, India, and Sri Lanka.