10. (Long-haired) Chihuahua Two coat types are available for the diminutive Chihuahua: Long and smooth coat. 

9. Havanese A smooth-coated Havanese is not possible Not naturally, anyway.

8. Maltese We often see Maltese with short hair, much like a puppy's cut. However, they can grow their hair long enough for the dog to be able to sit on the ground. 

7.Shih Tzu The Shih Tzu, a small companion dog that is adorable and has been loved by many people around the world, is an adorable and old Shih Tzu. 

6. Chinese Crested Powderpuff A Facebook friend of mine is obsessed with the Chinese Crested and I understand why. 

5. Japanese Chin The Japanese Chin is a small, clean dog that doesn't need baths as often as other dogs. 

4. Lhasa Apso Lamas were not just kept by the Dalai Lamas as pets, but they were also given to honored guests as gifts. 

3. Pomeranian The coat of the Pomeranian is described best as flowing rather than fluffy. 

2. Tibetan Spaniel The curious and animated Tibetan Spaniel was originally bred for its sentinel work on Tibetan monasteries' walls. It barks to alert strangers of approaching animals. 

1. Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terriers came in two types of coats. This second type, also known as the woolly, wire or wire coat, looks dense, wavy and woolly.