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Space is so mysterious that even now we don’t know  much about it other than a few things you cannot  

do there welcome to our channel and today we’ll  be taking a look at the 10 things you definitely  

cannot do in space,

make sure to stay until the end  of our video to learn all about these things you  

shouldn’t do in space

10th place sleep you think getting a good night’s sleep  is tough try doing it in outer space a lot of kids  

ask like how do you sleep because we go around  the Earth sixteen times a day and so being an  

astronaut isn’t easy it’s a tiring job and you  would probably like to rest after a long day  

flying in spaces orbit with gravity holding you  down in Earth sleeping isn’t really very difficult  

the problems when you’re in space is orbit the  low gravity is one major difference lying down  

no longer makes any sense for example as there  is no doubt some people like to tie themselves,


but I actually don’t I only like to just float  when I’m sleeping so that’s really it I would  

turn the light off and good night our normal  sleeping patterns are disrupted by the lack of  

feedback from our bodies posture during cycles  of rest and activity in fact astronauts have to  

take steps to ensure they don’t float around  while sleeping in space they tie themselves  

into sleeping bags in order to sleep well our  core body temperature needs to cool which is  

also extremely difficult when again there is  no doubt even something as natural as resting  

is quite difficult when you’re up there in space  ninth place crying humans cry when they feel sad  

or they feel overjoyed sometimes it might just  be an allergy or something that actually got  

into your eye however astronauts don’t have that  alternative open to them astronauts can laugh in  

space as normal but crying is quite different  without gravity when asked if he could cry in  

space ,

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield answered  can you cry in space your eyes make tears but  

they stick as a liquid ball in fact they sting  a bit just as if I started crying my eye is full  

of tears but you can see it just forms a ball on my eye in fact I can put more water in so if you  

keep crying you just set it up with a bigger and  bigger ball of water in your eye so space tears  

don’t shed unless they literally wipe the water away with their hands tears in space can form  

a giant clump turning into a realistic ball of  tears that flies around definitely really weird  

eighth-place eating bread eating bread is a normal  activity for most of us humans we eat sandwiches  

hamburgers and even that’s super healthy it’s  still delicious avocado toast but that’s when  

we’re down here on planet earth and enjoying our  normal gravity’s effect on our food in space the  

rules of the game change completely similar to the  difficulties zero-gravity causes to sleep eating  

bread is almost impossible in space crumbs from  bread crackers cookies etc don’t do well in space  

they float around and can fly into an astronauts  eyes and interfere with important equipment that’s  

why you’ll find tortillas used instead of bread  on all crafts traveling out of orbit crumb free  

bread would be a great alternative if it could be  implemented in space travel though seventh-place  

coffee many people can’t really start their  day without a hot cup of coffee but in space  

astronauts have found other ways to begin  their admittedly not very bright mornings  

that’s because water is an important ingredient in  coffee though pouring coffee grounds into boiling  

water while under the influence of zero gravity  is extremely dangerous that’s why a special  

espresso machine that uses capsules of coffee  grounds was developed for orbiting astronauts  

sixth place using the restaurant welcome to the  toilet of the International Space Station using  

the restroom is extremely difficult in space so  much that astronauts are required to complete a  

toilet training program there are two different  bathroom mechanisms each design for a specific  

bodily function when nature calls astronauts use a  specially designed toilet seat for solid waste and  

a liquid waste vacuum tube with different sized  funnels for men and women most of us actually  

prefer to lift this one as well and use directly  be the opening that goes into the bag and in fact  

there is a bag in here in there it looks like this  and when we are done with our business we close  

the bed and we push it down into the solid waste  container and then of course as a courtesy to  

the next person we’ll put a new fresh bag inside  so what do you think of these things you cannot  

do in space so far let us know what you think in  the comments also make sure to stay until the end  

to learn about the remaining things you cannot do  in space you’ll be shocked to learn what’s at the  

bottom of our list fifth place alcohol more than  something you can do in space this is something  

most space like corporations prohibit you from  doing a funny story is that in 1972 alcohol was  

on the menu for the Skylab 4 mission however  many people found out about this and even sent  

angry letters to NASA about bringing alcohol  to a spaceflight astronaut Edgar G Gibson said  

in his letter that astronauts represent a form  of purity and as soon as that purity is tainted  

with alcohol people really get upset alcoholic  drinks are generally disallowed in Space Flight  

but space agencies have previously allowed its  consumption nASA has been stricter about alcohol  

consumption than the Rus cosmos both according  to regulations and in practice astronauts and  

cosmonauts are restricted from being intoxicated  at launch for very obvious reasons if driving a  

car while drunk is bad imagine a rocket or a  spaceship so yes alcohol is a big no-no for  

space travel fourth-place shaving yes as we do on  earth astronauts also grow hair in many of their  

body parts however unlike we do doughnuts have  quite a difficult time shaving these annoying  

hairs both female and male astronauts shave in  space and are provided with either an electric  

razor or a disposable razor most astronauts choose  electric razors,

because of the scarcity of running  

water on the ISS most male astronauts choose to  keep their hair short while on board the ISS to  

avoid any complications with zero-gravity they  definitely do not want to see hairs floating  

around and ending up somewhere they shouldn’t  in order to get a haircut astronauts use a hair  

shaver attached to a vacuum that sucks up all the  hair trimmings now that we have arrived to our top  

three get ready to learn all about the three most  difficult things to actually do in space third  

place brushing your teeth you know something’s  difficult to do in space when there are even  

video tutorials available on YouTube titled how  to brush your teeth in space considering that  

only 600 people or even less have actually been to  space this tutorial isn’t really helpful for most  

people to be honest anyway brushing your teeth  in space is extremely hard here’s the process  

in great detail first the astronaut attaches  their toothpaste tube to a nearby wall with  

the toothbrush in one hand and the drink pouch in  the other they squeeze a small bead of water from  

the pouch while simultaneously gliding their  toothbrush over the toothbrush will instantly  

suck up the water then the astronaut takes their  toothpaste and repeats the same process they will  

brush their teeth like usual once they are done .

all they have to do is squeeze some water over  

their brush and wipe it off with a towel to  clean it then they can pack up their things  

and get on with their day second place veggies  not many people enjoy vegetables though they  

have recently gained a lot of popularity due to  plant-based diets however in space vegetables such  

as spinach have to go in vacuum sealed packaging  that’s because astronauts attach vegetables to  

a water distributor and fill the bag until it  transforms the brick of spinach into textured food  

you’ve probably already seen that before in memes  or even in space theme parks but the thing about  

space food coming packaged like that is quite .

real however astronauts really enjoy gardening  

because it mine’s them of life on earth they enjoy  tending and watering the vegetables and getting  

them to germinate fresh food is so attractive  to astronauts that they celebrated with salad  

when they were able to cultivate a few lettuce  heads on the International Space Station three  

years ago in 2021 scientists hope to grow beans  in space and high-tech planters developed at the  

Norwegian University of Science and Technology  so yes in the future we will have realistic and  

functional space farms at our disposal first  place washing your hands and cleaning similar  

to brushing your teeth even something as simple  as washing your hands can be quite difficult  

to successfully do when in space on the ISS  astronauts do not shower but rather use liquid  

soap water and rinse less shampoo they squeeze  liquid soap and water from pouches onto their  

skin then they use rinse less soap with a little  water to clean their hair they use towels to  

wipe off the excess water and if you’re wondering 

how they manage to clean the ISS they use liquid  

detergent disposable plastic gloves multi-purpose  wiping cloths and a vacuum cleaner for cleaning  

to clean they spray the detergent wipe with the  cloth and vacuum the dust when washing with the  

detergent they were disposable gloves so what 

do you think of these normal things we can do  

on earth but are unable to do in space let us know  in the comments!

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