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What is the world’s tallest statue of a woman?

Where can you find the largest, gilded depictions of Buddhas?

Find out as we look at the Biggest Statues In The World.

Number 11 Grand Buddha at Ling Shan

Ranking in just outside of the top ten of

the world’s largest statues is the Grand Buddha located in the Chinese city of Wuxi . Like

many of the statues on this list, this monument is an ode to a great Buddhist figure.

Resembling the celestial buddha known as Amitabha , the 700-ton bronze being measures 289 feet


It was erected on a 30 foot sculpture of a lotus flower at the top of a gorgeous, 217-step

staircase, surrounded on all sides by scenic forested hills.

The Grand Buddha was unveiled to the public in 1996 and has enjoyed visitation from tourists

ever since.

In 2008, a pair of palaces were built to the south-east, giving visitors to the region

one more reason to experience this colossal Buddha in person.

Number 10 Awaji Kannon Looming over the Japanese town of Higashiura

is the great white statue of popular Buddhist goddess Guanyin . It is called Awaji Kannon

for its location on Awaji Island, an island typically noted for its dedication to preserving

and promoting traditional puppet theatre performances.

But the beautiful, pale statue brought a whole new attraction to the isle upon its completion

in 1982.

While many Buddhist statues are either funded by religious organizations, government agencies,

or locally crowdsourced funds, the Awaji Kannon is the product of a single man’s vision.

A businessman from Osaka made his fortune in real estate before deciding to have this

statue built.

Once it was finished, it featured a museum, several small businesses, and an observation

floor all within its interior.

However, due to it being private property, the esteem of the statue plummeted drastically

when the owner and his wife passed away.

Unmaintained for years, the statue has grown decrepit with entry being deemed too hazardous

to allow.

Instead, it sits empty, maintaining its spot as an Awaji Island landmark and being enjoyed

exclusively from afar.

Number 9 Rodina-Mat’ Zovyot!

The only European entry to make this list is a symbol of feminine power in a statue

called “Rodina-mat’ zovyot”, or “The Motherland Calls” as it translates in English.

With a height of 279 feet this statue is the tallest in all of Europe, and is the highest

standing of any statue of a human woman.

The figure is a metaphorical representation of the Russian “Motherland” and her iconic

pose is meant to symbolize a call to arms in the face of enemies.

Most of the other statues in this video tend to have been built in the last few decades,

but this monumental piece dates back to 1967 when it was unveiled after 18 years of work.

Wire ropes and prestressed concrete hold the statue together, as the unique pose and weight

distribution required a finessed touch to pull off.

The sword wielded by the Rodina-Mat Zovyot was initially made of the steel with titanium

plating, but in 1972, the blade was replaced entirely with one made of stainless steel.

This was due to weight distribution issues, as well as an audible side effect in which

sheets of metal would create a thunderous cacophony that echoed through the Volgograd


Number 8 Daikannon of Kita no Miyako park Formerly the tallest statue in the world,

reigning between 1989 and 1991, this buddhist statue is now the third tallest in Japan.

Plans to erect this great edifice began in 1975 and it portrays the Buddhist figure known

as Guanyin, Avalokitesvara or Kannon , as she is known in Japan.

Lining the inside of this monument are 20 floors of shrines and other tributes to Buddhist


Like many of the statues on this list, an elevator is installed within the statue to

allow easy access to its multiple stories, peaking on the 20th floor with a viewing platform.

From here, visitors are granted a picturesque, panoramic perspective of Ashibetsu and the

Hokkaido region.

The ivory interpretation of this goddess of mercy is a beautiful addition to the surrounding

area as well, with winters blanketing the surrounding town and mountains with fresh

snow each year.

Number 7 Great Buddha of Thailand At 302 feet tall,

The Great Buddha located

in Wat Muang [wuht mwang] is the largest statue on all of Thailand.

Built of concrete and painted gold, the large Buddha is took 18 years to craft.

The statue was made using public funding from faithful buddhists eager to contribute to

the project.

Costing 104.2 million Thai baht [bat], or around 3.2 million US dollars, the massive,

210-foot wide Buddha stands out as a shining landmark for the Ang Thong province.

It was originally commissioned as a means of commemorating the late King Bhumibol , Thailand’s

longest reigning monarch.

Though it’s construction took an extended amount of time to conclude, it still finished

in time for the King to enjoy it in 2008, eight years before he would pass away while

still on the throne.

Number 6 Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin of Weishan Framed by an explosion of arms and hands,

the statue of the Avalokitesvara , in the Hunan province of China, is known as Qianshou

Qianyan Guanyin of Weishan or the Guishan Guanyin of the Thousand Hands and Eyes.

It is the fourth-tallest statue in the People’s Republic of China at about 325 feet tall.

This gilded bronze creation was established by the Ningshan county government with additional

funding provided by local businesses and religious groups.

It cost 260 million yuan in total, the equivalent of almost 39 million US dollars, with construction

completing in 2009.

The bodhisattva represented here is a special one that is meant to embody the combined empathy

of all Buddhas.

While statues in this figure’s honor are plentiful, this is by far the largest representation

of the beloved Buddhist deity.

Number 5 Ushiku Daibutsu Though it may look like stone,

This hulking representation of Amitabha Buddha is really a bronze statue measuring 330 feet high!

Within this Japanese statue is a four story building that acts as a museum of sorts.

Each floor has a different title and matching theme, creating a unique experience for visitors.

The first of these is the floor of Infinite Light and Infinite Life.

Upon entering, visitors will encounter a dark chamber, illuminated by a single column of

light pouring down onto a cauldron of lit incense, as music plays from the center of

the room.

Past this enigmatic feature is an elevator which leads to the other three floors.

The next level is almost 33 feet high and called the World of Gratitude and Thankfulness

and is mainly just purposed for studying scriptures.

From here you can ascend to the World of the Lotus Sanctuary, which displays around three

thousand different golden Buddha statues between 65 and 98 feet off the ground.

The final floor, titled the Room of Mt. Grdhrakuta , acts as an observatory, giving attendees

a spectacular view at almost 280 feet high.

Number 4 Sendai Daikannon

The tallest statue of a goddess in Japan is

the Sendai Daikannon which encapsulates the likeness of Japan’s Kannon , a praised Bodhisattva

among Buddhists.

At a height of 330 feet, it’s actually tied with Ushiku Daibatsu for the spot of fourth

tallest statue in the world!

This structure preceded the former entry by two years when it was unveiled in 1991, enjoying

a short reign as the world’s tallest statue during that period.

The figure herself is shown in her Nyoirin Kannon form, bearing a wish-fulfilling gem

that appears in both Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, the lore of which holds strong similarities

to the western world’s legendary “philosopher’s stone”.

The ground floor of the statue hosts a variety of smaller statues, 33 in total, all representing

the deity in her other forms.

Along with these are sculptures of dark monstrosities, representative of the Chinese zodiac.

An elevator past this segment brings visitors to the top of the Sendai Daikannon , granting

an amazing view, while the stairwell back down presents another 108 buddhist statues!

Number 3 Laykyun Sekkya Checkered with rectangular windows on each

of its 31 floors,

Laykyun Sekkya may just be one of the planet’s most uniquely shaped

towers along with being among the tallest statues.

The 380-foot tall structure stands in the Sagaing Region of Myanmar as a depiction of

the Buddha Gautama . Similar to other Buddhist statues, this rendition features the statue

perched on a lotus flower.

Construction of this spectacular building took 12 years to complete and the Laykyun

Sekkya statue opened to the public in 2008.

As magnificent as the exterior of this statue is, the interior matches it in beauty with

each of the 31 layers featuring exquisite paintings recounting Buddhist lore.

While most show gorgeous scenes of prayer, figures of importance, and other hallowed

temples and statues, the lower levels aren’t quite as positive.

In an attempt to steer followers away from bad habits and evil behavior, these first

few levels highlight horned, devilish creatures along with scenes of pain, agony, and worse.

Number 2 Spring Temple Buddha Taking eleven years to finish, the titanic,

copper statue of Vairocana within the Henan province of China is a testament to the praise

felt towards the celestial buddha.

Rising 502 feet into the air, the monument known as the Spring Temple Buddha is the combination

of an 82-foot, lotus-shaped pedestal and the 420-foot figure.

The great, peaceful effigy weighs more than 2.2 million pounds as 1,100 large pieces of

copper comprising its frame.

The whole of the monument tops a Buddhist monastery, giving Buddhist locals and travelers

an incredible landmark in which to take pride.

All together, the project cost about 55 million dollars, but that includes the cost of the

monastery and rest of the estate.

The statue itself accounted for around 33 percent of that cost at a price tag of 18

million dollars.

Along with this gorgeous work of art, the Buddhist temple here is renowned for the nearby

Tianrui hot spring which is said to have healing properties and is the inspiration behind this

statue’s name.

Number 1 Statue of Unity Erected to celebrate beloved Indian activist

and leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ,

the world’s tallest statue is actually relatively


Located within the Narmada district of Gujarat , India, this statue has towered above the

Narmada River since October 31, 2018…Patel’s 143rd birthday!

The statesman received such an honorary monument due to the vital role he played in uniting

562 princely states to become the Union of India and as the greatest supporter of activist

Mahatma Gandhi.

Thus, it was well-deserved when the finished tribute to his contributions required 5 years

to build, cost 420 million dollars to construct, and measured an impressive 597 feet tall.

What great monument do you want to visit most?

Tell us which one and why in the comment section below!

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