Types of Insurance Claim There are a number of different types of insurance claims companies may need to file to recoup the costs associated with accidents and disasters. These are the most common types of insurance claims filed by insured small businesses:

Burglary and Theft Burglary and theft are the most common commercial insurance claims filed by businesses. They’re especially common in the retail, construction and manufacturing industries.  

Water and Freezing Damage Water-related damages are the second most common type of insurance claim filed by companies. This can include burst pipes or flooding from storms. These claims are most common in coastal areas and low-lying places prone to floods.  

Wind and Hail Damage Heavy storms can bring trees and branches down onto buildings, hail can damage windows and roofs and hurricanes and tornadoes can completely wipe out commercial buildings.  

Fire Fire is a major threat to small businesses and a common insurance claim type in many industries, including manufacturing and restaurants. 

Slips and Falls by Customer Slips and falls by customers on your business premises is a common insurance claim, as your company can be held liable for medical expenses, legal fees and lost wages that result from a customer fall. 

Customer Injury and Property Damage Accidents that cause personal injury to a customer or that damage someone’s property can be covered by your general liability insurance policy. These types of insurance claims are common across many industries, including construction, landscaping and retail businesses.  

Product Liability If a product that you manufacture or sell is faulty, you may be held liable for any related injuries or illnesses that customers suffer. This type of insurance claim is common in the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries.  

Struck by an Object Struck by an object insurance claims relate to workplace accidents where an employee is hit by a piece of equipment or other object. They can be fatal or non-fatal accidents. These types of insurance claims are common in the construction, manufacturing, agriculture and forestry industries. 

Reputational Harm A reputational harm claim is necessary when an individual or another business sues your company for causing them to lose face, or when an event causes your own business to have its reputation negatively affected, like a data breach.  

Auto Accident Auto accidents involving a commercial vehicle are a common reason for insurance claims when there’s vehicle damage, property damage or injury.