16.Komondor Also called the Hungarian Sheep Dog or the Komondor, the Komondor, a large, white-colored livestock guardian, is distinctive not only for its size but also because of the peculiar nature of its hair.

15.Newfoundland dog The Newfoundland is a sturdy working dog. It's well-known for its large size and long, thick coat.

14.Caucasian shepherd dog Registered as originally being bred in USSR, but native to Georgia and other areas of Caucasus. The Caucasian Shepherd The dog is known for its size.

13.Scottish deerhound Another large breed of dog is the Scottish deerhound. It was originally bred for pursuit hunting, also known as coursing.

12.Neapolitan mastiff The Neapolitan mastiff, another member of the large mastiff family is also highly regarded for its enormous size. The breed's males can easily reach 150+ lbs and 30 inches in height, while the females can reach a maximum of 150+ lbs. can be as small as 24 inches by 29 inches, and weigh in at 130 pounds.

11.St. Bernard Perhaps the most famous large breed of dog is the St. Bernard. This is mainly due to the fame of some St. Bernards.

10.Alaskan Malamute The Alaskan Malamute, a large-sized dog that is well loved for its intelligence and beauty, is the most popular. The Malamute's functionality is excellent for pulling and sledding. Large loads. It is best used as a draft animal because of its strength and slow speed.

9.The Irish wolfhound The Irish Wolfhound is another popular large dog breed. This name is not to describe their appearance, but their original purpose. Irish Wolfhound were specifically bred to hunt wolves.

8.Russian black terrier Most people associate terriers with tiny breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier or Jack Russell. But it is worth noting that terrier-named dogs reached the opposite end of this size range.

7.Leonberger A large German dog i The Leonberger was originally bred in Leonberg, Germany to serve is a symbol of the town. This city's crest featured an image of a lion. The legend also states that the Leonberger dog was created To imitate the lion on crest

6.Tosa Inu A different version of the mastiff can be found in the Tosa Inu is a Japanese word that comes from Japan. These are rare breeds, so purebreds may fetch a high price. This dog was allegedly created in Tosa (Japan) for fighting purposes. It is still is used today for this purpose.

5.Bernese mountain dog One the four large, closely related dog bred by the Swiss Alps Bernese mountain dogs are highly regarded for their large size. for herding livestock and its beautiful, full-length mountain coat.

4.Boerboel Also called the South African mastiff or Boerboel, the Boerboel represents another breed in the vast range of mastiff dog breeds.

3.Anatolian shepherd The Anatolian shepherd is named as such. is a Turkish breed that originated in Turkey's Anatolia region. It was originally bred to be a protector . and herder of livestock.

2.Great Dane It's almost impossible to compile a list with the largest dog breeds without mentioning the Great Dane. The Great Dane, which is similar to the St. Bernard and other large-stature dogs, is an iconic dog. is up to 180 lbs and 30 inches high.

1.English mastiff The English Mastiff is the most popular type of mastiff. Their most notable feature is their size. They can reach heights of at least 30 inches and weigh up to 250 pounds. Females are just a few inches shorter than males and weigh in at 180 pounds.